Welcome to Main Street Estate Sales

Our Experience: Over 40 years of combined experience in sales and marketing. We have a diverse knowledge and expertise of items ranging from antiques, jewelry, coins to garage items to guns to everyday household.

Our Professionalism: We have earned a wonderful reputation for our ability to appraise accurately with sales averaging over 95% of the contents of the home.

Our Integrity: We do not hold presales. We do not sell to anything to anyone before the date of the sale. Many companies will hold presales for their valued customers and friends. We do not buy anything for ourselves. Everything will be sold to the general public on the day of the sale, ensuring you get maximum value for yours or your loved one’s possessions.

Our Customers: We have a loyal following of customers, a large email list and a large want list.

Family Owned: A family owned and operated company who’s main goal is to provide the absolute highest quality of service to you. We do this full time so all our energy is focused on you and your specific needs.

  • Who We Are

    Main Street Estate Sales is a family owned and operated business focusing on estate liquidation.
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  • What We Do

    We help people when they have an estate from a loved one, downsizing into an apartment, or assisted living.
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    We have a 25,000 sq ft. gallery where we do estate sales and auctions. Our dedicated staff will meet your needs!
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    We look forward to helping you liquidate all of your household items.
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I have gotten some excellent deals on furniture that I could not have afforded to buy new. The merchandise is displayed very nicely with a very large showroom. Almost impossible to leave without buying something. - Tracey Thorsen

  • Appraisal Services

    A certified appraisal provides a basis for insurance claims and scheduling, divorce and bankruptcy negotiations, IRS taxable charitable donation, estate planning and asset assessment, purchase or sale advisory including equitable distribution of assets among heirs. Every appraisal has one specified intended use and one specified set of users. All appraisals completed by Main Street Estate Sales conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of The Appraisal Foundation. Formal, written appraisals may be needed for:

    • Equitable division of estates
    • Marital dissolutions
    • Gift and charitable contributions
    • Calculating estate taxes
    • Acquiring the right amount of insurance coverage
    • Assessing loss due to theft, breakage, fire, natural disaster

    When hiring Main Street Estate Sales to do a formal professional appraisal, you will receive the following:

    • A review explaining in detail the purpose of the appraisal and an explanation of how the appraisal is to be used
    • A formal, organized, comprehensive report
    • A complete and accurate description of the items appraised, described so that the items can be identified without pictures.
    • Clearly defined values in the appropriate market for the type of appraisal required.
    • An appraiser who is willing and able to defend the appraisal in court if needed.
    • A CD picture catalog of items appraised
    • Call Matt or Sue for all of your appraisal needs.

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