>What If Everything Doesn’t Sell?

We average around a 95% sell rate. Most clients are amazed at the amount of items sold. We have several non profit organizations which will take almost any leftover items and will provide a tax deductible receipt.

>Where Kind Of Advertising Do You Do?

We use a wide variety of outlets.  These include our own web site, estatesales.net, newspaper, emails, phone calls, fliers and signage.  All of these will include a detailed list of all items for sale to optimize potential sales.  We also post high visibility signs throughout the town and neighboring towns.  We strive to get as many potential buyers as possible.


>What Kind Of Items Do You Sell?

 Everything in your average house and garage.  Furniture,clothes,kitchenware, appliances, books, artwork, garden items, just about anything. Items of special interest for most buyers are antiques and collectibles which are given special attention to make sure you get a solid market value. Once again I would advise against throwing anything away there is a buyer for everything!!

>What Is Your Commission?

We charge 25 % to 40% depending on the amount of time needed to produce a quality successful estate sale. Commission fees come from the proceeds of the sale there are NEVER any up front fees. 

>Is There A Good Time or Bad Time To Have A Sale?

 Absolutely not! Some of our best sales have been held in the middle of the Winter. Most if not all customers will brave the elements whether it is 10 degrees or 100 degrees.

>How Far In Advance Do I Need Book A Sale?

We Prefer a lead time of 2-3 weeks, you can also book us 6 months in advance.  We have also been able to put together quality sales in a matter of days.  We will do whatever it takes!!


>How Does An Estate Sale Work And What Do We Need To Do?

We Provide all of the resources needed to conduct a quality professional estate sale.  Including displays, tables, table clothes, research, advertising, and cleaning. We work with you and the customers to provide a worry free, profitable, no hassle sale. We start working on the household roughly 2 weeks in advance depending on the size and attention needed.  You need not worry about cleaning, unpacking, or sorting any items. One piece of advice I would like to give: Don’t throw any items away you will be amazed at what will sell.

>Where Do You Conduct Sales?

We conduct sales throughout the Chicago land area. Including the suburbs and outlying areas.  We are from Ottawa IL which enables us to go farther south and west than many other companies and at the same time we have no problem traveling up to 100 miles.

>How Can Main Street Estate Sales Help You?

Main Street Estate Sales offers years of experience liquidating the contents of estates.  Items include antiques, collectibles, garage items, artwork, any collection, furniture, clothing, jewelry, toys, guns, coins, appliances and just about anything you can imagine. Give us the key and we send you the check. (see Our Services page)

>Who Needs an Estate Sale?

Anyone downsizing, relocating, moving, or liquidating a loved ones estate. No Antiques or Collectibles? That’s OK. Everyday practical household items are very popular. Everyone loves a good sale.  You will be surprised at what will sell!


If you have any other questions we can be reached at

1-815-434-5400 or


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